IROCKE Best of 2012


2012 was unequivocally the biggest year for live streaming in history. Nearly every single major US music festival was live streamed, while many of Europe’s biggest festivals were also featured on the digital medium. Countless artists debuted their own live streaming channels, while major corporations began sponsoring fully produced live stream concerts.

In an effort to shine the spotlight on the sources that made this the breakthrough year for live streaming, we’ve ranked our top 50 live streaming sources. On top of that, we’ve collectively ranked our top 25 live streaming moments from the past year, along with the top 10 live streaming festivals of 2012.

Note: Due to the overwhelming number of requests for additional information about IROCKE rankings, we have prepared this FAQ.

Top 50 Live Streaming Sources

Top 25 Live Streaming Music Moments

Top 10 Live Streaming Festivals