IROCKE’s Top 50 Live Streaming Sources of 2012

3Top50IROCKE has ranked our Top 50 live streaming sources from 2012. IROCKE.COM editors and contributors rated a total of 11,536 performances by 3,843 artists that were streamed live from 684 sources during 2012. Ratings are based on performance quality, online audience size, online audience engagement, unique use of the live streaming medium and other criteria.

While there were hundreds of sources to choose from, we truly believe these are the cream of the crop in terms of live streaming.

Note: Due to the overwhelming number of requests for additional information about IROCKE rankings, we have prepared this FAQ.

American Express Unstaged

1. American Express Unstaged (Global) 

Indisputably the gold standard for live streaming concerts, American Express Unstaged showcases music’s top artists (such as Jack White) performing at landmark venues across the country, while tapping today’s most influential filmmakers to direct beautiful and extremely well attended live stream shows.

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Live on Letterman2. Live On Letterman (New York, NY)

CBS Interactive Music Group’s award-winning concert webcast series presented by AT&T showcases top quality bands and musicians from across the globe in an intimate and dynamic setting for worldwide followers to enjoy.

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livestream sessions3. Livestream Sessions (New York, NY)

Streaming from the HQ, Livestream Sessions brings exclusive artist chats and intimate live studio performances, equipped with beautiful HD production to give fans the utmost satisfaction when watching a live performance.

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YouTube Presents4. YouTube Presents (San Bruno, CA)

Live exclusive artist performances, presented and produced by YouTube Presents and broadcasted in pristine quality. We want more, please.

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iTunes Festival5. iTunes Live (Global)

60 world-renowned artists performed brilliant live music for 30 consecutive nights at the Roundhouse in London, all streaming live, for free, on the iTunes platform. The downside was that the iTunes Live player offered no interactivity or communication.

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6. (Global)

An online global community that connects clubbers and electronic music fans with big-name DJs, venues, and music festivals.

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7. The Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ (Los Angeles, CA)

Sitting adjacent to the KROQ offices in LA, this source delivers live concert performances by your favorite rockers in an intimate, premier live streaming concert space sponsored by Red Bull.

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8. NPR: Live In Concert (Global)

NPR streams various top-notch studio and special events, live, from various  locations around the globe, presented to the dedicated NPR audience with multi-camera HD angles.

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9. The Bing Lounge (Portland, OR)

Billed as “Portland’s Most Intimate Venue For Live Performances and Events,” the 200-cap venue consistently has standout live streaming performances and hosts top regional and national artists.

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10. The Bowery Presents (New York, NY)

The Bower Presents features groundbreaking, must-see live music as well as the latest in emerging music culture; one of the first pioneers of the live concert streaming industry.

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 11. TRI Studios (San Rafael, CA)

Built and owned by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, this state of the art studio regularly streams high quality, multi-cam, full HD live sessions and performances of first class musicianship for the entire world to see.

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12. Livebeats (Zurich, CH)

A virtual stage where the world cannot only hear your sound, but it can see you in action, wherever you perform. While mostly utilized by upcoming DJ’s, Livebeats is a platform for all genres of music.

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 13. The Hamilton (Washington D.C.)

This venue features envelope-pushing, visionary music and talent that defies  convention, much like Alexander Hamilton himself, playing host to and live streaming performances by some of the today’s regional and national touring musicians.

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14. Boiler Room (Global)

Exclusive live DJ sets coming to you from London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York aimed at creating one of the leading underground live music shows in the world.

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15. KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic (Los Angeles, CA)

Committed to a music experience that celebrates innovation, creativity, and   diversity by combining multiple genres of music and technology, MBE often          hosts intimate performances, live from the KCRW studios, with live     streaming audio and video capabilities.


16. SkyRoomLive (South Africa)

SkyRoomLive produces live concert streams happening from a Sky lounge somewhere around the world in beautiful HD and 3D, side by side, ultimately bringing fans closers to their favorite bands.

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17. Digital Concert Hall (Berlin, DE)

The virtual concert venue of the Berliner Philharmoniker on the Internet, where you can experience the orchestra performing live at the Philharmonie in Berlin with over 30 live broadcasts every year.

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18. Beatport Live (Global)

Beatport is world’s largest music source for DJs. Beatport Live streams live DJ sets on a regular basis from the Beatport offices in Europe and the United States.

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19. (Le) Poisson Rouge (New York, NY)

(Le) Poisson Rouge is a multimedia art cabaret founded by musicians on the sit of the historic Village Gate, establishing a creative asylum for both artists and audiences, fully equipped for the streaming of performances from the legendary venue.

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20. Your Favorite Artist Live Streaming (Anywhere In The World)

Do you have an artist that you wish you could see perform live, but don’t want to travel halfway across the country, pay absurd ticket fees, or deal with disgruntled security?  Hit them up and encourage them to begin live streaming.

21. Beta Nightclub (Denver, CO)

Beta Nightclub is consistently voted one of the best nightclubs in the United States for a few reasons, one being their fantastic live video streams from directly in front of their DJ booth, and another being their incredible custom-built Funktion One sound system.

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22. LivePhish (United States)

LivePhish presents high quality, multi-camera, live, unedited streaming performances of Phish, packaging downloads, band merchandise, and archived footage for the ultimate Phish fans around the globe.

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23. Fuse TV (New York, NY)

Fuse TV is dedicated to bringing true music fans live streaming performances, artist interviews, festival coverage and music news, all while enabling said fans to connect with their favorite artists.

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24. Saint Rocke (Hermosa Beach, CA)

Saint Rocke provides nightly live music streaming from their intimate 290 capacity venue equipped with 4 HD cameras, green room chats, special bonus features and crowd footage, making this source one worthy of keeping a close eye on.

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25. Concert Window (United States)

Concert Window is a real-time window into some of the best venues in the country, with HD video, hi-fi sound, and the ability to chat with other viewers, giving you the best seat in the house from a variety of venues.

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26. MoonTunes (United States)

MoonTunes is an HTML 5 player that allows Moonalice to reach and connect with their massive fan base who wants to access live video streaming of the band’s shows, as well as a 160+ show video archive, poster art, and much more.

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27. (Global)

Since 2008, has built an international reputation by broadcasting over 300 classical music events and has connected a community of aficionados from 198 countries.

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28. Daytrotter Sessions (Rock Island, IL)

Traveling musicians stop in to record and stream their live audio sessions available for fans who subscribe to their service, providing insight into the creative levels that artists go through as they write and record works within a studio.

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29. Audiotree Live (Chicago, IL)

A live streaming Internet broadcast music program where artists enter the Audiotree studio and engage in honest musical performances and earnest discussions, making you feel like you’re in the sphere of the artists performing.

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30. RMBlive (Boston, MA)

The Ryan Montbleau Band has taken their digital mixing console, tinkered     with it, and can now work off tethered WiFi from one of two jail broken      iPhones, allowing the band to stream their live audio to fans worldwide.

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31. LAPLIVE TV (Chicago, IL)

LAPLIVE TV brings high-def, exclusive live shows on a pay-per-view basis partnered with leading artists, sponsors, and venues fully equipped with a video player that features live DVR capabilities.


32. (Half Moon Bay, CA) builds a unique user experience allowing fans to connect with and watch their favorite artists during exclusive shows from cities around the world, directly from the intimate, iconic venues their performing from.

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33. Terrapin Crossroads (San Rafael, CA)

Terrapin Crossroads is a live music venue owned by legendary Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh where artists come and perform in the intimate Grate Room, streaming live on a pay-per-view basis in stunning HD and multi-cam fashion.

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34. The Knitting Factory Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY)

With venues in Boise, Spokane, Reno, and Brooklyn, the Knitting Factory bring top-notch artists to play their intimate venues. They keep a steady, reliable, and consistent live streaming schedule throughout the year.

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35. Joe’s Pub (New York, NY)

Joe’s Pub is one of New York City’s most celebrated and in-demand venues for live music and performance. With its genre-blind booking and vast diversity of interests, the stage at Joe’s Pub gives voice to a world of varied and stellar musicians over the live steaming medium.

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36. SOB’s New York Live (New York, NY)

SOB’s is a live music venue in SoHo, known as a premiere destination for universal music, establishing itself as a breeding ground for emerging artists and trends, including live streaming select performances.

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37. Xumanii (Carson City, NV)

Xumanii is an innovative wireless technology allowing its users to produce professional, live content streams in near perfect resolution from virtually any location, and broadcast them to a world-wide audience with wireless cams, in either pay-per-view mode or free-view mode.

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38. LineRocket Live (Philadelphia, PA)

LineRocket Live is a high-definition streaming service allowing users to experience live concerts from wherever they are, complete with a live host, celebrity interviews, and live footage from inside the DJ booths with today’s biggest producers.

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39. Music City Roots (Nashville, TN)

Live from the Loveless Café, Music City Roots showcases Nashville’s astonishing live music scene, from Country and Americana, to more progressive interpreters of tradition, broadcasting to a global audience through their weekly live stream.

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40. Sunshine Studios Live (Colorado Springs, CO)

Sunshine Studios is an all ages live concert venue acting not only as an outlet for local musicians, but also home to a state of the art recording studio, and also live streaming their concerts online.

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41. Stageside Live (Austin, TX)

Stageside Live is a live-streaming concert series aimed at bringing global music fans access to the industry’s biggest stars and rising talent, produced by AT&T and Stageside Productions and distributed by CBS Interactive across its leading properties, including

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42. MixmagTV (London, UK)

Live streaming today’s biggest electronic music artists and producers exclusively from the Mixmag DJ Lab, Mixnmag TV provides quality audio and video production for EDM fans to experience.

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43. Exit/In (Nashville, TN)

Part of a group of classic rock music clubs, the Exit/In has been around for ages and live streams select performances by artists you wish you could attend live and in person.

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44. Flavorpill Sessions (New York, NY)

Flavorpill Sessions provides acoustic sets and live interviews, streaming live from the NY edition of the entertainment/culture guide.

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45. Studio City Sound (Studio City, CA)

Studio City Sound is a full-service recording studio, owned and operated by GRAMMY award winning mixer Tom Weir, often times streaming live studio sessions as well as featured artist interviews.

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46. Iridium Live (New York, NY)

Located on Broadway, this venue is known best for hosting a diverse range of music seven nights a week. Iridium specializes in guitar and jazz, as befits their history as the home of Les Paul, with each week beginning with a special guest to the Les Paul Trio in honor of the legendary guitar maker.

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47. Yahoo! Music (Sunnyvale, CA)

Yahoo’s music extension is provider of a variety of music services, including Internet radio, music videos, news, artist information, and original live programming in an online audio and video streaming capacity.

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48. The Gramophone (St. Louis, MO)

The Gramophone live streams feature an eclectic schedule of live music and DJ’s performing in a small, engaged concert setting.

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49. Cicada Club (Los Angeles, CA)

Maxwell DeMille is a famed showman and impresario that often streams performances from the Cicade Club that transport the viewers back to the glamorous days of Hollywood’s golden age of nightclubs.

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50. Someday Lounge (Portland, OR)

On the border of Old Town, Chinatown, and the Pearl District, the Someday Lounge is located in the midst of the artistic heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, streaming shows on an almost nightly basis.

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