A Message from the Team

When we started down the path of creating a tool to help people discover live streaming concerts a few years ago, the world wasn’t quite ready for it. The technology wasn’t stable, bandwidth was expensive, production costs were high. There wasn’t enough supply. But we stuck with it believing that, over time, it would get there. And it certainly has come a long way since then, with thousands of platforms now streaming tens of thousands of live shows every year. As live music fans ourselves, it’s amazing to watch and makes our mission more relevant than ever.

The launch yesterday was just a small step towards where we want to go and have so many ideas we’re ready to incorporate (including new ways to get more money into artists’ pockets). It’ll take time to get it all right, but we’re excited about the future of LiveList.

For now, we’re full steam ahead with our next stage of development – adding more shows, improving our recommendations, making the mobile experience better and faster. Getting LiveList into your hands was huge and we’ve already received a ton of useful feedback we’re putting into place as we write this.

Thanks to those of you who have helped us ideate on initial concepts, those who have beta tested for us, and those that have sent us thoughts and feedback along the way. We promise to keep grinding to get more live music into your lives.

Stay tuned for much, much more!


Your LiveList Team


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