Tomorrow Never Knows Fest – Top 5 Live Streams

The 12th annual Tomorrow Never Knows Festival kicks off in Chicago on January 13th. Held across 6 different and intimate venues, fans of indie rock, comedy, and electronic music have made this 5 day long event a premier winter destination festival. With previous acts such as Lunice, Grouplove, Zola Jesus, and Jessie Ware just to name a few, the lineup gets strong each year and 2016 is no different. For fans who aren’t able to attend in person (or aren’t brave enough to face the winter weather), our friends at Audiotree Music will be live streaming sets of some of the artists slated to perform this year, which you can watch on LiveList! Below are some of our favorite acts that you can catch this week:

1) Lady Lamb

Indie singer-songwriter from Maine, Aly Spaltro, aka Lady Lamb, has been releasing music since 2007. Having self-released 6 albums through 2012 as well as touring across the country, her first studio effort came out in 2013 when she moved her home base to Brooklyn. Released in March 2015, her latest effort, After, really displays her strong voice and personal lyrics.

When: Wednesday, January 13th – 9:00pm pst
Where: Live from Lincoln Hall
Recommended Track: “Between Two Trees”


2) Julien Baker

Still only 22 years old and a student at Middle Tennessee State University, Julien Baker is already becoming an artist to watch. Her debut solo album, Sprained Ankle , has received critical acclaim (having been profiled in the New York Times ) for its depth and emotional subject matter while also showcasing her instrumental talent, all of which she has done on her own.

When: Saturday, January 16th – 11:00am pst
Where: Live from Audiotree
Recommended Track: “Sprained Ankle”


3) Torres

At only 24 years old and performing since 2012, singer-songwriter Torres sound is very mature for age. Having toured across the US and Europe and most recently opening for the group Garbage, Torres popularity is quickly growing. Her album, Sprinter, was released to much critical acclaim in 2015 and the accolades to not seem to stop coming in. She is quickly on the road to becoming an indie superstar.

When: Friday, January 15th – 9:00pm pst
Where: Live from Lincoln Hall
Recommended Track: “Sprinter”


4) The Go! Team

This 6 person group based out of Brighton, England burst on the scene with their energetic brand of rock in 2004 with their album, Thunder,Lightning, StrikeIncorporating cheerleader-esque chants, hip hop, distorted guitars and mics, you can’t help but dance to their infectious sound which really has not been duplicated by anyone else. Their latest album, The Scene Between, really showcases their growth over the past decade.

When: Saturday, January 16th – 9:00pm pst
Where: Live from Lincoln Hall
Recommended Track: “The Scene Between”



Fusing R&B lyrics and electronic production seamlessly, JMSN has been hard at work crafting a sound that is truly his own. After releasing music under different monikers from as far back as 2005,  he finally found his niche in 2012 with his album Priscilla and has been highly sought out ever since. As a singer/composer/performer/producer compared to artists such as The Weeknd and having worked with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to The Game, JMSN‘s talent is undeniable.

When: Sunday, January 17th – 9:00pm pst
Where: Live from Lincoln Hall
Recommended Track: “‘Bout It”


Audiotree will definitely be streaming more shows than the one’s listed above, so be sure to check them out and add them to your LiveList!

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