Introducing New and Improved LiveList Channels

When we initially launched channels in the first version of the LiveList app, they were intended to be a simple way to add a bunch of live shows to your LiveList based on your musical tastes. But our vision for channels has always been more than that. We want Channels to be immersive experiences that tell a story – through live concerts, recorded videos, and social elements – anchored around a festival, artist, venue, genre or brand.

That’s why today we’re launching the new and improved Channels.MOBILE - CHANNEL_LANDING_COACHELLA_iphone6_silver_portrait

Channels now integrate live concerts with recorded video content so you can continuously watch or listen to live music. For instance, if you’re a Coachella fan, you can watch all of the shows streaming live from Coachella in one place. And, when there isn’t a live show happening, you can watch recorded videos related to the festival.

The new channels, which are available today, include AudioTree, Coachella, Festival Nation, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Live for Live Music, Red Rocks, SXSW, Ultra, as well as genre based channels such as Electronic and Classical.

Download the new version of LiveList for iOS today to get your new channels! Android and desktop updates will be available in the coming days.

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