Top 5 Acts to Watch at Coachella

With Coachella right around the corner, it’s time to get excited about which acts to prepare for. There used to be a time that if you did not have a ticket to attend, you’d be out of luck. However that’s all changed with live streaming. Since we now have the ability to watch our favorite festivals and performances pretty much from anywhere, that FOMO feeling isn’t as strong as it used to be!

Now if you can’t make it to the festival this year, we at LiveList have got you covered with this year’s Coachella Live Stream Player where you can watch your favorite acts live stream from anywhere! Check out which acts we think are the ones you can’t miss this year below

  1. Guns N’ Roses – The long awaited reunion is finally happening! Can’t wait to hear GnR play the hits.


  2. LCD Soundsystem – After taking an extended hiatus, James Murphy & Co are back to headline the first night.


  3. Ice Cube – One of the OGs of West Coast hip-hop will definitely keep Coachella bumpin. Be prepared for a lot of guests with this set!


  4. Jack Ü – Diplo and Skrillex have been on top of the world this year and will be bringing the crazy energy during their set. jacku
  5. CHVRCHES – Seemingly playing almost every festival, CHVRCHES is back for their 2nd Coachella with their infectious pop sound that will keep fans dancing.


Now this is just a small sample of what Coachella has to offer this year. When you sign up for LiveList and follow the Coachella Channel,you’ll be notified when Coachella goes live and you can watch the live stream performances from anywhere with your friends!

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