EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Grammy-Winning and Coachella Live Stream Producer Hank Neuberger

Hank Neuberger is a grammy-winning producer and founder of Springboard Productions. He has produced over 40 live multi-channel Music Festival Webcasts since 2005, including this year’s Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Landmark, and Voodoo Festival. We recently caught up with Hank to get the inside scoop on what we can expect for this weekend’s production.

Read our exclusive Q&A below.


When did you start working with Coachella?
Springboard started producing the Coachella Webcast in 2007, for the AT&T Blueroom platform. This will be our 10th year.

How big of a crew does it take to pull off an event like Coachella? 
Coachella is one of the biggest [events] we do. We shoot on 5 stages every day, plus the Host Set, so six shooting crews. And then the Webcast production team, putting out 3 channels for 9 hours a day, equalling 27 hours of live TV every day. Then replaying it overnight to the YouTube platform, until the next day starts.

It’s over 200 hours of video broadcast over the Festival and takes a total crew of about 140.

What are the biggest challenges facing the live streaming production world?
I work almost exclusively in music and the biggest challenge is getting the labels to understand the early state of this business. And to grant rights for an appropriate fee structure.

Who has been your favorite artist to live stream? 
C’mon.  That’s not fair.  We’ve streamed over 5000 Sets!

But let’s start with McCartney (3x), Radiohead, NIN, Tom Petty (2x), Amy Winehouse, Dave Matthews, John Fogerty, John Prine, ZZ Top, Jay-Z, Earth Wind & Fire, Coldplay, Arcade Fire, and too many more.

Most memorable show that you’ve live streamed?
Two come to mind:

Rage Against the Machine at Lollapalooza. The band stopped because the crowd got too dangerous. They all came to the front of the stage and just stood there at attention silently until the crowd took it down a notch. The most intense 88 minutes I can ever remember.

Then the two free shows we did with Dave Matthews Band at West Point, just for the cadets. It clearly meant a lot to Dave, the Band, and everyone there. Unforgettable.

What’s the biggest live stream audience you’ve seen and what made it such a success?
We’ve seen some very large audiences and impressive engagement times with Coachella, a particular Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza.

Those festivals are leaders because they each have individual culture, they protect their community, and they are always getting better.

What are you most looking forward to with this year’s production? Any surprises or cool things you can tell us?
The main stage at Coachella will look different than any US Festival ever has.
Tune in to see why.

Do you have a view on LiveList? What are your thoughts on what they are doing? 
LiveList is the present and the future. It’s the best place to find live music online. And online is where music thrives. Everyone will come to rely on LiveList before long.

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