Top 3 Coachella Lineups

Coachella has become such a “thing” since it’s inception almost 20 years ago that the experience is now about much more than the music alone. That said, the music is what drives it, the music is what you feel and the live sets (among a few other things) are what you remember.  To that end, we are taking a stab at what we feel are the best three lineups of all time.

#1 – 2012

The top show is clearly coming from the last 5-6 years.  This is when Coachella turned from a cool (as in ridiculously hot) little festival in the desert consisting of road trippers from LA, the Bay Area and anywhere in between to a spectacle of pseudo hipsters, rich kids with floral headbands and more duck face selfies than a high school graduation.  To that end, we are going with 2012.  This Lineup is just the gift that keeps in giving.  Days 1 and 2 are chock full of awesome and day three…Dr Dre and Snoop? Come on!


#2 – 2010

Number two is the most difficult to peg.  There was a 5 year period where every lineup was smoking hot and DEEP.  Any of them could have made it into the #2 slot, but we are going to go with 2010.  Day one is enough to make your head spin, but look at some of the others- Can you say DEVO?  Plus MGMT, Hot Chip, Kaskade, The XX, Phoenix, Pavement, Spoon, Sly and the Family Stone (say what?), De La Soul, Florence and the machine.  It goes on and on.


#3 – 1999

For number three we jump in the way back machine and pay homage to the inaugural year.  Was it the best lineup ever?  Probably not.  However, this is a VERY solid lineup and set the stage for the next 17 years and beyond.  It even includes 2015 album of the year winner in Beck.  A special bonus because we were there.  It was hotter than pearls in a pawn shop and the only cell phones were about the size of your head and, believe it or not, all they did was allow you to make calls…go figure.  1999 was all about the music and it was stellar.


What year do you think had the best lineup?


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