Coachella Day 2 Webcast Recap

Day 2 recap provided by Reid Clow, Content Editor & Social Media Curator at LiveList


Saturday, April 16th, was Record Store Day. I woke up at 5AM to run around Los Angeles to try and get the re-press of Sublime’s 25 year old demo tape “Jah Won’t Pay the Bills.” While I was standing in line at various record stores throughout the day, it was nice to use my LiveList app to check in on what was going on at Coachella. 

I caught Chronixx throw down a very solid reggae set. His band Zincfence Redemption is always a highlight, and Chronixx should be on any reggae fan’s radar. 

Senator Bernie Sanders presenting Run The Jewels’ performance was a real highlight for me. The set that followed was absolute fire.

At the end of the day, I caught Ice Cube throw down a classic hip-hop set.

The lesson for me during a busy Saturday and having access to Coachella streaming live in my pocket: there was something for everyone at Coachella. I could go about my day and still catch the acts that mattered to me the most.


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