Coachella Weekend 1 Recap!

Having attended Coachella for the past 4 years, I went into my 5th Coachella thinking this could be the last one. With the abundance of music festivals all over the world, coupled with the fact that the live streaming experience gets better each year, I figured I could try something different after this time. However, I quickly changed my mind after the great music and memories I made with friends and the new people I met. The atmosphere and vibe that Coachella brings is unique and hard to match. Check out a quick recap on my highlights.

Day 1

Gallant – One of the best sets of the weekend. This R&B crooner most definitely had a breakout performance on day 1 and is posed for great things down the line. Anyone who brings out the legendary Seal during their set is obviously going to make the crowd go wild, which it definitely did!


Jack Ü – Diplo & Skrillex’s Jack Ü project has made a huge splash over the past year and their popularity was clearer than ever with their 10pm slot at the Outdoor Theatre. The energy was hectic and non-stop. The fact that it was so crowded did not stop the fans from dancing and the scene was bananas when they brought out Kiesza & Kanye West for a brief cameos.



Rae Sremmurd – In years past, the Sahara Tent was primarily reserved for EDM acts. This time it was a healthy mix of both EDM & Hip-hop, which was confusing at first, but after seeing rap duo Rae Sremmurd light the stage up, having rap at this tent seemed like a winning move.

rae sremmurd.jpg


Day 2

Guns N’ Roses – Day 2 was reserved for the legends. The long awaited reunion of Guns N’ Roses was met with a little hesitancy at first. How would Axl perform with a broken foot? Would he show up on time? As soon as Slash played his first notes, the questions disappeared right away. Although everyone would’ve loved to see Axl move across the stage as in years past, we were treated to a stellar performance with their extensive catalog of hits. If you have a chance, be sure to catch them on their tour this year.



Ice Cube – Prior to GNR, we were treated to a great Ice Cube performance, who brought out Snoop Dog,  and MC Yella & MC Ren from N.W.A. He was a solid representative for West Coast hip-hop on the Coachella main stage and hopefully more hip hop will be highlighted in the next Coachella editions.


Zedd – Already performing at his 2nd Coachella, Zedd’s consistent rise as one of EDM’s most popular DJs is undeniable. His set to close out the Outdoor stage was as fun and eclectic as his first performance. He also had one of the more talked about special moments that Coachella always has, when he brought out Ke$ha to perform his track “True Colors.” Seeing the embattled singer take the stage and kill it was definitely refreshing to see.

zedd coachella

Day 3

Kamasi Washington – Heading into Day 3, starting the day off with Kamasi Washington’s jazz set was one of the surprises of the weekend. After gaining popularity by working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill & more, he gained a lot of new fans with his first solo set at Coachella.



Sia – Enigmatic performer Sia’s set was one of the most powerful performances of the weekend. Watching her sing live was truly beautiful, and she definitely had fun with her time on the Coachella stage. Anyone who caught her set was treated to special cameos from Kristen Wiig, Joe Walsh, Paul Dano, & Maddie Ziegler.



Major Lazer – Diplo was everywhere this past weekend. First with Jack Ü, then a surprise set at the Heineken House, and finally with Major Lazer. The reggae/EDM/hip-hop trio brought with them a liveliness that only Major Lazer can bring.  They started off by having the USC Marching band join them, followed by an appearance by Sean Paul, and of course having MØ & DJ Snake join them to perform their hit, “Lean On.”



Now that Weekend 1 is in the books, we can look forward to Weekend 2 which will also be available for you to live stream on LiveList using the Coachella Channel!

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