YouTube Hosts First Ever 360-Degree VR Live Stream Featuring D∆WN

Yesterday, we visited YouTube Space LA in Playa Vista, CA,  a place for YouTube content creators with 10,000 or more subscribers to get creative and produce content. The complex opens to limited amounts of the public on certain occasions, and this occasion was a special one.

The Verge, YouTube, and performing artist Dawn Richard partnered to offer the very first 360-degree virtual reality live streamed concert ever. In a professional yet DIY setting, about 20 guests were handed light-up rave gloves and escorted into a back room at the YouTube Space. The room included four small stages with a conglomerate of GoPro cameras in the center. On each end of the room were Dawn’s drummer and keyboardist.

Dawn and her crew’s performance was full of energy and inspiring to hear about her thoughts on incorporating interactive media into her live performance. Check out the highlights of her Q&A with The Verge’s Entertainment Editor, Emily Yoshida:

Emily: Building out the show and building out the set for a 360 camera is just such a different situation.

Dawn: ‘I have an incredible crew, like I have an incredible team of people who believe in me beyond just the scope of what you guys see.

We get told no about 300 times a day and in this situation they were like, “ Yeah, we’ll just do a flat stage. And we’ll put people in. We do it all the time. And it’ll be cool” And we were kinda like, “uhh, we were thinking we want to put people in another world.” And they were like, “uhh…. No.” You know, so we pushed and we push those boundaries.’

Emily: Jeff on Youtube asks, do you think 360 is the future of watching concerts?

Dawn: “I do. I think people don’t always have the access to be there. And they want to be there at everything, they want to see everything. And I think this kind of take on viewing the concert not only puts you there, but now you have a full view of what you can view.

I think emotions play a large part in this, and now you really get to feel present in these moments. And you can control it, you know, you can kinda control what you want to see, what you want to feel. I’m always that girl that, even though the music’s great, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on over here in the sky, while I’m listening. I’m that girl, you know, and you get to create and see your own moment for yourself.

And I think that’s what 360 should be about is like — I want to see what the dancer is doing because my eye goes to the choreography and the footwork. So now you get to still be a part of it and see what’s happening over there.

Click HERE watch the full performance and interview here from LiveList’s POV during the live performance. Dawn’s interview begins around 13:35.




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