Exclusive: Rymo of Slightly Stoopid talks TRI Studios, Prince, and Cannabis

After watching the Slightly Stoopid, Bob Weir & Friends Live at Roberto’s (Episode 2) webcast on April 21 at TRI Studios via Qello presented by Cloud Pen, LiveList had the chance to catch up with Slightly Stoopid‘s drummer Ryan “Rymo” Moran. We chatted about live streaming, Prince, and Rymo’s tokin’ days. Check out the interview below.


LiveList: Second round at TRI Studios. How did last week’s live stream with Slightly Stoopid & Friends differ from episode one?

Rymo: We played a different set for one. I think we might’ve only duplicated one or two songs. So we played almost all different music. Different in quite a few ways, we had different guests of course. Bob [Weir] was there last time, it’s his studio. As well as Don Carlos. But we had Angelo from Fishbone come out and do a couple songs this time, we had Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 who is one of our favorite performers. And another friend of ours from down here in San Diego, Paul DeRosa, playing guitar. Basically, the music was slightly different as well as the guests. Those were the main differentiating factors.

LiveList: You guys have a huge fan base all over the world, were you worried about the technology failing? How did you guys handle that?

Rymo: Last time we actually had a little bit of things slowing down, and froze for a moment. For us, we don’t really worry about it. If it happens, we take a five or ten minute break, and everybody gets a beer, and does what they need to do. For those types of things, you hope for the best, but if something happens, I think our fans are pretty relaxed about it if we have to take a five minute break. We’re there to perform and have a good time, and if we gotta take a short break, then so be it? Ya’ know?

LiveList: Awesome tribute to Prince at the end. How long did it take the crew to throw the Purple Rain cover together?

Rymo: We heard the news that morning on April 21st, and that was the morning of the show. We just started talking about it, like first thing in the morning. We had a long rehearsal the night before, as well as the week leading up to the show. So we kind of had this set in mind with ideas and things we wanted to do. And, when we heard the news about Prince passing that morning on Thursday the 21st, we just decided maybe we can figure out a way to pay homage because he was a big influence to many of us. I grew up watching MTV when it was still videos back in the 80s, and of course all those artists that were all over MTV during that era were huge for me, just ‘cause that was my first exposure to bands and live music, and stuff like that. So we just started talking about it, and we got to rehearsal that afternoon. We had a couple of hours to rehearse before the show started, and Paul figured out all the chords and everything. We just sat down and played through it four or five times, and it just seemed natural to have Angelo sing, because he’s amazing, and he was a huge Prince fan too. So, it just worked out perfectly. He wanted to sing it, and we just ran it.

LiveList: Any plans to work more with Bob Weir in the future?

Rymo: We’ve always been fans, a lot of us grew up big Dead fans and stuff like that. Of course, we always want to keep the door open with Bob. If we’re at a festival he’s playing at, we’re always going to invite him up to the stage if he has time. We love going to his studio. Those doors are now pretty open, so we’re hoping for more collabs in the future.

LiveList: Why did Slightly Stoopid choose the Grateful Dead song you did? Was it a collective decision?

Rymo: We have been in touch with Bob back and forth in the weeks and months leading up to the show. That was actually a tune he had suggested, Franklin’s Tower. It was a fun groove for us, and something we could throw together pretty quick. That was kind of the same deal, we rehearsed it a couple times the night before. Bob and Miles figured out how they want to split up the singing duties, and we rehearsed it a couple of times the day of the show, and it just kind of came together.

LiveList: You guys have a huge summer tour coming up with SOJA, where is your favorite place to play?

For me, Red Rocks is always a real highlight. When you look at the artists who have been there, it pretty much is a who’s who. Anyone from the Dead, to Bob, to Tom Petty, to the Foo Fighters, to Fleetwood Mac. The lineage there is insane. For us to be in that venue, to headline it, and to sell some tickets, for me, is my favorite venue.

LiveList: And you guys are part of that lineage now, so that’s pretty rad. Which tour has been most memorable for you?

RyMo: All of the tours are pretty fun, because we try to make them pretty family style, where we try to really hang with all the musicians that we tour with. You know, you’re seeing everyone every day for six, seven, or eight weeks, you might as well be high-fiving in the hallway or cracking a beer at the end of the night. They’re all kind of fun in different ways. As far as star power, I’d probably say the Snoop thing was pretty huge, just because we grew up listening to Snoop, and then maybe also Dave Matthews, sharing the stage with Dave is pretty huge. Those are artists we look up to, of course. I’d say in general they’re all pretty fun, and we try to make it as family style as possible.

LiveList: Glass, Paper, or Vape?

Rymo: I don’t really smoke anymore, but I’d say back to my smoking days. Probably glass.

LiveList: Indica or Sativa?

Rymo: I’d have to say Sativas, man. You know, I like to be more active if I’m gonna be stoney, I like to go out and do a hike, or get some exercise, maybe surf. Indica knocks me down a little bit, I like to get a little buzz and go out for the experience, you know?

LiveList: San Diego, LA, or San Fran?

Rymo: Oh man, well I’m from San Francisco, and I used to live in LA for a little while. But, San Diego has been my home for over 20 years, so I’m gonna have to go with San Diego. But you know, west coast all the way baby!

LiveList: For LiveList.com users, any plans for future webcasts with Slightly Stoopid?

Rymo: Most definitely, that’s something we want to work into our regular schedule to do at least one or two a year. We did a stream with Bob now, and this the second time we’ve done a stream there at TRI Studios. We did one about two years ago at our own studio. It’s definitely becoming a new medium, and it’s something we’re definitely open to doing. It’s something fans can enjoy on their couch, but still have a living room vibe to it, we’ll definitely be doing more of those.

LiveList: Any final thoughts?

Rymo: I’m just really happy with the result. We worked really hard. We rehearsed ten times, and I’m happy with the way things turned out. I watched almost all of it the day after the show when I got home, and I was really happy. All of us are kind of our own worst critics, so we’re all pretty critical. ‘Aw, I made a mistake here, aw, I blew it there.’ But when I was watching it from my house, I didn’t really notice a lot of things I thought I heard in my head, so I was really happy with the result. Hopefully we can do more of those for sure!

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Interview by Reid Clow

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