Preview: Snarky Puppy Live Stream

Tomorrow, on the 4th May, Snarky Puppy will play a gig at the House Of Blues in Boston. If you don’t know who Snarky Puppy are, then allow me to introduce you. Formed in Brooklyn 12 years ago, Snarky Puppy is a collective of around 24 musicians. Therefore, the makeup of the group is constantly changing; with the band’s members having the freedom to play with different projects at the drop of a hat.


Sonically, there’s a healthy dose of jazz fusion and funk, with underlying tones of progressive rock. Snarky Puppy have today (29th April) released their eleventh studio album, Culcha Vulcha – described as being somewhat of a departure from the group’s typical style; moodier and darker than it’s predecessors.

Now, the prospect of me catching a flight to Boston from the UK to hear some of the cuts from Culcha Vulcha was always pretty slim, but when I learnt that the event would be streamed via Live Nation and Yahoo, I concluded that watching the gig from my living room would be slightly kinder to my wallet than booking a last-minute flight to the States. A gig like this is, to me, the perfect showcase of why streamed concerts can work: it allows the observer to have an experience they otherwise wouldn’t have been open to having.

There’s also the notion that Snarky Puppy translates well to the format. Take a look at the group’s performance of ‘Lingus’, extracted from the band’s We Like It Here DVD. It’s a great experience to watch the band play an organic show as it happens.

One of the things I value the most about the live streaming format is – especially with a jazz show – that you get to see, close up, the expert instrumentation of the various players.  It’s the perfect showcase of their craft, and allows for a greater appreciation of the band’s skill. Watching the audience react in real time is also an absolute blast.

So, if you’re like me and want to see some gorgeous jazz-funk being streamed live next Wednesday then head over to LiveList to set a reminder to check out the whole thing. Who knows, you might just find something else that piques your interest as well.

Words by Sam Jourdan, LiveList UK contributor

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