Spotlight: LiveList Founder on Digital Hollywood Panel

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This morning we sat down the CEO and co-founder of LiveList, Allen Sanford, and asked him a few questions about the Digital Hollywood panel he will be speaking on today. The panel will cover live streaming festivals and concerts: bands, brands, and new technologies.

Also participating will include Mark Demarest, CEO of Spinnable, Kat Chung, Client Director of Strategy at Initiative, Raymond Roker, Head of Content Strategy at Goldenvoice, Hank Neuberger, President of Springboard Productions, Terry Koosed, founder and CEO of Bel Air Internet, moderated by CEO John J. Petrocelli, CEO of Bulldog Digital Media.

What does it mean for LiveList to be partnering with some of the most major live streaming music festivals?

Allen Sanford: LiveList is playing an important role in the live streaming ecosystem that is currently growing exponentially.  With a tremendous amount of great content, talented production teams, and artists that are exploring a new revenue source, its becoming more important than ever to give consumers an easy way to discover and enjoy these performances.

It excites us to work with some of the greatest festivals and artists in the world to help them find their live audience base online.

What do you hope the key takeaway for the attendance of today‘s panel will be?

Allen Sanford: All of the different stakeholders in this marketplace need to be working together synergistically, rather than in guarded silos, which will only slow down the progress of this great new medium.  The music business has been traditionally plagued with this when it comes to disruptive technology, and we’re hoping that all those working in the space keep the most important value in mind: the creators and artists need to see sustainable revenues for this to be a long-lasting part of the music business ecosystem.

Who are your biggest competitors right now?

Allen Sanford: Right now, we don’t see anyone in the space as competitive — instead, they are contributors to the flow of content that is creating a new watching habit for consumers.  Live is bringing back scarcity and demand to video viewing, and we are open arms to any content producers putting great, quality content out there.  Our job is to bring more eyeballs to these great shows, and to prove value as a promotional/distribution partner.  Partners like Livamp, Skype Lounge, and StageIt are all putting out great content and we’re hopeful that this trend continues.


To watch and discover more upcoming live streaming concerts and shows, visit LiveList and create an account. The LiveList app is also available for download via iOS and Android.

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