Exclusive: Interview with Andrew Kotliar – LIVAMP Founder

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When it comes to experiencing some of the best up-and-coming musicians streaming live to your mobile devices on a regular basis, from different parts of the world, there’s a company called LIVAMP who’s responsible for bringing a growing number of your next favorite artists to your pockets, screens, eyes and ears – live as they happen.

LiveList had the opportunity to interview Andrew Kotliar, LIVAMP Founder,  recently to hear about what his team is working on, the company mission, and how LIVAMP is accelerating the careers of emerging artists.

LiveList: What is the LivAmp mission?

Andrew: We are on a mission to help emerging artists accelerate their careers. Our vision is to facilitate sustainable development of artists through tools that make sense in today’s environment. Better discovery through live content is one of those puzzle pieces! Beyond streaming, we work with musicians to help them advance their careers through a suite of artist development services.

LiveList: What should live music loving fans know about the service?

Andrew: We’re plugged into one of the largest networks of premier local venues on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing live concert content from the same venues where Adele, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, etc all got their start. We work with partners whom we consider great curators of talent so you can expect to see many ‘the next big thing’ musicians by tuning in to LIVAMP! And quite often, major stars come through our venues which is an amazing opportunity to see big names in an intimate setting.

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LiveList: Where does the content on LivAmp originate?

Andrew: The majority of our content is from our local venue partners, but we are also active in doing special ad-hoc events as well as more intimate sessions with high potential musicians.

LiveList: Can you tell us about the technology used in live streaming on LivAmp?

Andrew: Every venue is different so we try to be cognizant of the rooms we work with and rely on the expertise of the engineers who fully understand the nuances of each. This becomes particularly important with regard to capturing good quality sound. From a software perspective, we run things through one of two major streaming CDN providers to ensure reliability and then add on features (user interaction, fan tips, etc) on our site.

LiveList: About how many shows a year can fans expect from LivAmp?

Andrew: We are on a run rate of ~10,000 artists per year from our venues in New York, London, and Lisbon.

LiveList: You just partnered up with LiveList.  Do you have any thoughts on the partnership you’d like to share?

Andrew: We are thrilled to be working with LiveList! The live streaming space is clearly becoming more mainstream which means the role of curators and organizers of content is more crucial than ever. We are excited to be able to reach a wider audience through LiveList.

LiveList: LiveList is committed to helping content partners solve the problem of distribution.  Is that important to you as a music service?

Andrew: Absolutely. We are on a mission to help emerging musicians so every bit of additional exposure for them is extremely important.

LiveList: How can artists get involved and stream their upcoming concerts?

Andrew: Shoot us a note at info@livamp.com or just sign in on the site and we’ll be in touch. If you have a show at one of our many partner venues (livamp.com/venue), we’d be glad to stream! And beyond that, we are always on the hunt for talented musicians for more intimate special events.

LiveList: What’s the next two years look like for LivAmp?

Andrew: We’re continuing to aggressively grow our base of local curation partners as well as adding and improvement services we offer to musicians. We’ve recently started working with the best venue and event organizer in Lisbon, Portugal and we hope that this is just the beginning of a much wider global reach.

Andrew Kotliar founded LIVAMP with the vision of helping emerging artists globally advance their careers in a sustainable way. Andrew is a musician at heart with diverse career experiences spanning web development, corporate finance, and investment management.

To watch and discover concerts via LIVAMP and more live streaming music experiences, download the LiveList app for iOS or Android. No smart phone? No problem! Make your LiveList account today to stay in the loop about future webcasts.




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