EXCLUSIVE: Fortunate Youth Talks California Roots 2016

We visited Fortunate Youth‘s band practice in Hermosa Beach, CA this week to chat about California Roots Music & Arts Festival and what the band has coming up in the future. Check out the interview below, and register for LiveList or download the app on iOS or Android to set a reminder for the band’s performance streaming globally at 1PM PDT on Friday, May 27th.


The Seventh California Roots Music & Arts Festival is about to take place, how many times has Fortunate Youth played this festival?

Fortunate Youth: Five times. This year will be our fifth play.

What has been Fortunate Youth’s favorite year of the festival so far and why?

Fortunate Youth: Last year. The bowl. Sunday, high noon. The crowd.

Any specific California Roots memories before we send you on your way? 

Jordan (drums): There’s usually an open bar for artists and VIPs somewhere in the Cali Roots fairground, and nobody knows where it is until like half way through the weekend. The past two times I found the open bar, they were in two different spots. It’s a really fun thing when you find it.

You guys are touring among the likes of Slightly Stoopid and SOJA this summer, what are you looking forward to most about the Return of the Red Eye Tour?

Fortunate Youth: This is our first amphitheater tour. We’re excited to play all ages, outside. Two great bands, Slightly Stoopid and SOJA. We couldn’t be more stoked on this. We’re honored to share the stage. We get a couple of shows with Zion I, Grouch, & Eligh, it’s gonna be fun. Sleep Train  [San Diego] and Irvine are two of our favorite venues. We can’t wait to play these venues, especially Irvine before it gets knocked down and becomes a bunch of houses.

What makes the California Roots webcast important to you guys?

Fortunate Youth: It’s worldwide. It’s cool that people all over the world can see it from every continent. We have watched a lot of festivals stream over the years from Germany, or New Zealand. Everywhere has a lot of different festivals. You can watch these over the internet — that’s a huge deal for people to see music live from all over the world. It’s cool that people who can’t be there can tune in and watch.

What’s coming up in the next year for Fortunate Youth?

Fortunate Youth: We got this Cali run coming up, we’re linking with Peni Dean formerly of Natty Vibes, and Sensamotion. It starts this week and we will be ending the run at Cali Roots. Summer Festivals include Reggae in the Desert & Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. We have a One Love music video coming on Memorial Day directed by Raised Fist Propaganda – shoutout to Jeff Pliskin. We’re recording a new album coming in the new year. Keep on the lookout for updates!


For friends and fans attending the festival, any parting words? 


Fortunate Youth: See you inside the Weedmaps Tent at 4:20 on Friday 5/27!


Feel free to keep up with the band on Fortunate Youth’s website.


Interview by Reid Clow

Register for LiveList or download the app on iOS or Android and set a reminder for the band’s set streaming globally at 1PM PDT on Friday, May 27th.

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