Exclusive: Josh Heinrichs Talks Cali Roots, Live Streaming, and Weed

As we march toward the 7th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival, we continue our Cali Roots interview series with Josh Heinrichs. We talked about previous years at California Roots, live streaming, reggae music, and one of Josh’s favorite pastimes; marijuana. Register for LiveList and watch Cali Roots streaming live all weekend May 27-29. LiveList is also available on iOS and Android. Catch Josh streaming live Sunday, May 29th at 11AM.


LiveList: Tell us about a Cali Roots memory that stands out to you from over the years.

Josh Heinrichs: Opening up in 2014 on the Cali Roots stage. That was awesome. 11AM, everybody’s partying. Same time we’re doing this year. Exact same stage, same everything.

LiveList: Any surprises or features we might want to look forward to at this year’s festival that you’re allowed to talk about?

Josh Heinrichs: SkillinJah will be with me, For Peace band. But nothing I wanna advertise 😉

LiveList: You started live streaming some of your Rooftop Sessions. What effect has this had on your Rooftop Sessions as a whole? 

Josh Heinrichs: Live streaming is awesome man. It goes berserk. Facebook has made that available to everybody. Seems like a lot off people see it. It’s had a great effect.Especially when I wanna promote something, you know? It really gets the job done.

LiveList: How has live streaming changed the way you interact with your fanbase as an artist?

Josh Heinrichs: It hasn’t changed anything really. It made me more involved, I guess. It’s in real time. People are there and talking to you. But when there are 200 people talking to you, you can’t respond to them all at once. It can be overwhelming, getting such a large response, that fast.

LiveList: Where do you see the future of live streaming going as an artist?

Josh Heinrichs: I see it going huge. I’m so bad at telling the future. As far as I know, I hopped on it as soon as I could. It was only available on iPhones for a long time. I follow Ricky Gervais, and I saw him doing it. I said, “I wanna do that so bad.” So I hopped on it as soon as I could. It’s all up in the air, I think. Like drones. haha. It’s so new, the technology, people don’t know how to go about it.

LiveList: Glass, Paper, or Vape? 

Josh Heinrichs: Glass, I dab. I don’t really smoke pot that much. I dab a lot. Probably 90% of the time.

LiveList: Indica or Sativa?

Josh Heinrichs: I don’t know. Whatever the one is that makes you feel higher. And gets you all stoney and stuff. I don’t know about that shit. What is it? Sativa that makes you sleepy?

LiveList: Do you have any future live streams coming up this summer? 

Josh Heinrichs: I know we’re on some other festivals, but I’m not sure if they’re going to be live streaming or not.

LiveList: For LiveList.com users who will be watching your set on Sunday, May 29th at 11AM, do you have any parting messages?

Josh Heinrichs: Make sure you have a bowl or a “whatever” ready, and enjoy it live from wherever you are in the world. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for watching. It’s such an awesome thing that anybody in the world besides being in California can watch from anywhere in the world. I actually did that last year, my wife and I sat down with some beers and enjoyed the show, had a great time. We actually watched Fortunate Youth and Cypress Hill live from the bowl stage.

LiveList: What’s a venue you just can’t wait to go back to?

Josh Heinrichs: Probably just home. I like to play at home. We got a lot of good fans out there.

Register for LiveList and watch the 7th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival streaming live all weekend May 27-29. LiveList is also available on iOS and Android.

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