LiveList and ShowTheShow partnership powers live concert streams for the fans

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LiveList and ShowTheShow partnership powers live concert streams for the fans

VENICE, CA – LiveList, the ultimate guide for live streaming concerts, and ShowTheShow, a curated resource for live streaming concerts and couch tour, announce a partnership that will enables both companies to achieve a similar goal: getting more fans to watch and listen to great live music by their favorite artists via the Internet.

Through simple customization, the ShowTheShow player powered by LiveList features a lineup of upcoming live concert streams curated by ShowTheShow; social share feed and functionality; notification system and curated archive VOD; and an editorial ‘Connect’ feed powered by STS.

“As the two leading resources for discovering live streaming concerts the potential for collaborations abound. We are excited to partner with LiveList and utilize their technology to enhance the end-user’s experience on” said ShowTheShow Cofounder Bryan Bischoff

With community being a driving force in the music scene, was created to provide a simple resource for music lovers to discover great live streaming concerts. As members of the music community, STS believes in and supports musicians and artists, and strive to deliver timely news and high quality editorial content to the music community.

“LiveList is excited to partner with the team at ShowTheShow to power their curated portal of live stream concert listings, bringing more music fans into the fold and putting a number of live concert streams at their fingertips.” says Allen Sanford, Cofounder and CEO of LiveList

Head to today to see a list of upcoming live concert streams from your favorite ‘couch tour’ artists, content producers, and platforms in one location.

Interested in your own custom, curated player powered by LiveList? We’d love to partner with you! Hit us up at

About LiveList

LiveList is the ultimate guide to discovering live streamed music experiences, offering access to thousands of live streamed concerts from around the world all in one place. With over 55 million people watching live streamed music performances every year, and the increasing ability for artists to perform live from their living rooms, LiveList makes it easy for fans to find out when their favorite artists are streaming a show and where they can go to watch it.

About ShowTheShow was created to provide a simple resource for music lovers to discover great live streaming concerts. ShowTheShow is a daily updated curated library of links to live streaming concerts, with community being a driving force. We believe in and support musicians and artists and understand that they rely on our support to continue creating the music and art we enjoy.

To watch and discover more live streaming concerts and festivals, register for LiveList today.  To take live music with you everywhere you go, Download LiveList for iOS and LiveList for Android to have thousands of live streaming concerts in your pocket – anytime, anywhere!

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