OneAvenue.Tv & LiveList Expand Partnership

When LiveList initially partnered up with OneAvenue.TV back in June, it was for the common goal of giving music lovers access to artists big and small across an evergrowing landscape. LiveList is proud to help OneAvenue in providing unlimited live stream access to all of its fans on their app available here. Check out the press release below!


OneAvenue.Tv Partners With LiveList to Deliver Hundreds of Free Live-streaming Music Performances

San Francisco, CA., Nov 15, 2016 — OneAvenue.Tv is a media-technology startup that gives music artists a direct and immersive relationship with fans who engage with everything about the artist in one place.

OneAvenue.Tv’s focus on connecting music artists and fans goes to whole new level by adding 200 to 300live-streaming shows per week from their partner LiveList.

Social Networks are Broken for Music Artists and Their Fans. Music artists, record labels, and music tastemakers relying on traditional social media to reach fans quickly find that their content is lost in the ‘noise’ of cat-videos and sponsored ads. Fans struggle to know what’s new with artists because changes in social algorithms mean that fewer fans than ever will see an artist’s posts. (Source:

OneAvenue.Tv App Connects Artists with Fans

The OneAvenue.Tv App available on iOS gives fans an instant, immersive personalized feed of artists’ content by aggregating their social posts, videos, live performances and music across thousands of top-name and up-and-coming artists.

Fans follow artists in the app and see everything about the them in one place, instead of cutting across multiple social, video, music and ticketing apps to find out what’s new.   

The OneAvenue.Tv App is designed to be the perfect complement for music fans who want an easy way to discover new artists and to keep up-to-date in a more comprehensive way with the ones they love.

App Demo Video:

Today content sources in the app include artists’ Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube Videos, Spotify Music, Bandsintown performance dates, as well as original editorial content written by the OneAvenue.Tv team and music industry tastemakers.

The OneAvenue.Tv App builds upon the company’s original content viewership of 6 million viewers worldwide. The company has been working with 1,600 artists and record labels like Epic Records, RCA Records, Atlantic Records, The End Records, Spinnin’ Records, A&R Department.

The app incorporates content and curated playlists from music tastemakers like Billboard, Big Beat Records, Jambase, Pitchfork, NPR Music, Topsify, and other content publishers in the app’s ‘Discover’ section.

The OneAvenue.Tv App is available in the Apple App Store and is free for artists and fans to use.

OneAvenue.Tv App Features

  • Search for and follow artists to get personalized “For You” content feed
  • Keep up-to-date across more than 1,300 artists in the “Now” feed
  • Instantly play artist Facebook, YouTube and Vevo videos or listen to their music
  • See performance dates and buy tickets in “Live” tab
  • Read OneAvenue.Tv exclusive editorial content
  • Love and share artist posts and content with friends

OneAvenue.Tv has teamed up with hundreds of artists to showcase their original content in the app, building upon the success of the OneAvenue.Tv editorial site which is reaching 6 million content viewers this year.

OneAvenue.Tv Background:

OneAvenue.Tv was co-founded by Imran Sheikh and serial entreprenuer Dave Kaplow who were frustrated by the number of social media feeds and apps they needed to search to simply keep up-to-date with the artists they cared about. So both of them embarked on a two-year journey to build a new platform that would make it easy for fans to keep current with their favorite artists.  They named the company OneAvenue.Tv with the idea that this would be the only place a fan would need to go in order to learn what’s new with artists.

Until now only the top 1% of superstar artists could fund development for their own artist-branded mobile App.  OneAvenue.Tv gives the other 99% of artists worldwide (over 3 million artists in the US alone) an open mobile App platform where they can directly engage with fans.

Since its’ founding in 2014 OneAvenue.Tv has reached these significant milestones in working with artists:

  • Growth to 6 million unique content viewers
  • Content developed with more than 750 artists
  • Relationships with over 200 record labels and publicists
  • Development of over 100 exclusive artist interviews
  • Introduction of international artists beyond their home market

About LiveList

LiveList is the ultimate guide to discovering live streamed music experiences, offering access to thousands of live streamed concerts from around the world all in one place. With over 55 million people watching live streamed music performances every year, and the increasing ability for artists to perform live from their living rooms, LiveList makes it easy for fans to find out when their favorite artists are streaming a show and where they can go to watch it.

Press and Influencer Contacts: Dave Kaplow / Imran Sheikh of OneAvenue.Tv  +(1) 415 335 6145 /

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