Nick Hakim Shows The World His Diversity On Pitchfork Live

Born to both Chilean and Peruvian parents, Nick Hakim definitely shows that smooth, Latino soul when performing his latest hits live.

The Brooklyn based singer absolutely dominated his performance that was streamed live on Pitchfork on Wednesday, with fans all over the world commenting their admiration on the website’s Facebook page. The gig was filmed at the renowned Condé Nast studios in New York, which offered the perfect ambience for the psychedelic soul sonics.

I watch life inside of you grow
Every month a little bit bigger
All the things that bothered your soul
Make me smile and go crazy

Those were the first words sung by Nick to kick off his show as he performed an eerie and gloomy rendition of Green Twins. The subtle lighting matched with the sombre theme while the live keys, guitars and drums complimented the singer’s soulful voice.

The mood was lifted with the groovy guitar backing of the single, Roller Skates and Nick was evidentially feeling the funk as he started to shift along the room.

I heard about it every day now
Taking you for granted, it’s going to change now
I can’t believe I left you up waiting
Will you forgive me although I’ve forsaken
All of you?
All of you?
All of you?

It was at this point when many of those who weren’t familiar with Nick that were watching were starting to become won over. Countless comments asking what the song name was appeared on the page, making them instant fans.

The artist showed his versatility as the show closed with Slowly. This song really stretched Nick’s vocal range as he blared his emotion through the microphone.

Oh, what I would give to feel that feeling one more time
Oh, it’s something I can’t explain 

You could tell that Nick invested in every word that he sung, which compliments his songwriting skills as much as his showmanship. This diversity in vocal range comes as no surprise as Nick has been surrounded by a mix of sounds growing up.

His maternal Chilean side introduced the singer to nueva cancion, which is political folk music from South America, while his hometown of Washington DC gave him a liking to reggae group, Bad Brains. The musical cocktail was strengthened even further with Nick being inspired by New York Latino rappers Big Pun and Fat Joe while coming of age.

Nick is one of the latest New York based singers with a Latino background to start breaking through but his style does not archetype him at all to one sound. This fusion of genres has given the performer a one-of-a-kind energy that fascinated thousands during his live stream as he introduced himself to the world.

To hear more of Nick Hakim, check out his his album, Green Twins on all streaming and download outlets. Nick is currently in the UK for End Of The Road Festival then will be in Ireland for Electric Picnic Festival before touring in the US. For tickets check out

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