LiveList Discovery: Citizen

LiveList Discovery is a weekly column that highlights a live stream you might otherwise miss. Consider it an introduction to an artist that’s up to something worth knowing about.
By Parker Raup

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Wednesday, October 18 at 10:00 AM Pacific on Audiotree Live

In the world of alternative, emo, and post-hardcore, bands are constantly coming and going; rising and falling; hitting their peak and disappearing as fast as they showed up. So far, Citizen has defied this trend. Formed in 2009 when the members hadn’t yet hit their 20s, the Midwestern five-piece has been on a slow and steady upward trend ever since. Here’s what you need to know about Citizen:

DiscographyPart of Citizen’s gradual success can be attributed to their constant – yet not impatient – musical output. An initial series of demos and EPs caught the attention of Run for Cover Records, and the band has been a staple on that roster – alongside bands like Title Fight, Tigers Jaw, and Alex G – ever since. Their longer-than-average stint on a single label has produced a few more singles and splits, 2013’s Youth and 2015’s Everybody Is Going to Heaven. The pattern continues with their third full-length out now.

As You Please – Citizen’s latest record dropped on October 6, and it epitomizes why they’ve been a hard band to classify over the years. Common descriptors range from emo to shoegaze, grunge to pop-punk, post-hardcore to indie and alternative – no classification quite does the band justice, yet none is necessarily wrong, either. See for yourself with “In the Middle of It All,” from As You Please, below:

On Tour While the band has toured extensively on all their records, the As You Please cycle reflects Citizen’s status as road veterans. Their headlining tour with Sorority Noise and Great Grandpa comes through notably larger rooms than the band has generally played in the past, and it’s one of the longer tours the band has embarked on in recent memory.


Audiotree Live – Citizen is also no stranger to live sessions. Catch them from Chicago this Wednesday on Audiotree Live, where Citizen vocalist Mat Kerekes also played songs from his solo project earlier this year.

To see for yourself, set your reminder to watch Citizen live from Audiotree on Wednesday, August 18 at 10 AM Pacific.  For more information on the band, visit:

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