LiveList Discovery: Dream Ritual

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Dream Ritual
Friday, December 1 from 11:00am-12:00pm Pacific on Audiotree Live

Dream Ritual hails from Springfield, Missouri, and they’re not ashamed of it. They’re a self-described “band from the middle of nowhere,” but if those circumstances are as bad as they sound, they’ve managed to do quite a lot with them. They’ve produced two solid EPs in Springfield; they’ve toured the Midwest (and beyond) several times over; and they’ve shared the stage with all sorts of cool bands, including Drug Church, Culture Abuse, Citizen, and Turnover. Here’s what you need to know about Dream Ritual:

Dream Ritual – The band’s debut EP came out on 6131 Records in late 2014. In classic underground fashion, the physical format on offer was purple cassette. Sonically, the self-titled release walks the line between the group’s heavier alternative influences and the almost radio-ready grungier style particularly apparent in the vocal parts. In any case, it doesn’t feel like a band’s debut record.

Summer Promo – Dream Ritual was pretty quiet on the recorded music front for a few years following the 6131 release, but they re-emerged with a few tracks labeled a “Summer Promo” earlier this year. It’s another solid round of high-quality recordings, characterized by grungy mid-tempo verses and heavy, guitar-dominated build-ups, with the occasional psychedelic element peppered in. Two of the three tracks clock in at over 5 minutes in length, including “Sunlight Girl,” below.

Audiotree / Live There’s not much of a precedent as far as sessions and live streams go for this band, but you can check out one DIY session they recorded on tour below – a stripped-down version of “Hamptons,” from the self-titled EP. As they hit Audiotree in Chicago and continue to tour, Dream Ritual seems poised to expand far beyond the middle of nowhere.

Set your reminder to catch the Audiotree Live session this Friday. To learn more about the band, visit

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