LiveList Discovery: Smalls Jazz Club Live

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Ai Murakami Trio feat. Sacha Perry
Sunday, December 12 from 1:30-4:00pm Pacific on SmallsLIVE

Renowned New York City jazz club Smalls and its associated venue Mezzrow host top-tier jazz musicians literally every night of the week. To those in the jazz world, many of the performers are familiar names, and those that aren’t are often buzz-worthy up-and-comers in the scene. For those of us less familiar with the genre, and perhaps further removed from NYC, it’s easy to miss the deep and diverse array of talent offered by venues like these. Luckily, Smalls and Mezzrow stream all of their shows for free. As an introduction to those unfamiliar with these streams, we’re featuring one upcoming set from a frequent performer. Here’s what you need to know about the Ai Murakami Trio:

Trio – Ai Murakami started playing percussion instruments at the age of 4 in her hometown of Tokyo, and she never looked back. She moved to New York City in 1998 and has now been performing as a drummer and band leader in various groups at Smalls and Mezzrow for ten years. Her current trio features Paul Gill on bass and Grant Stewart on tenor saxophone. Check out one track from one of Murakami’s projects below:

Sacha Perry Murakami’s current trio features an additional legend on the keys – Sacha Perry. Widely regarded as one of the most talented jazz pianists alive today, Perry is one of the most sought-after jazz players in New York. Their combo of expert drumming and virtuosic piano-playing make for an exciting night of music; see for yourself in this video from the Smalls stage.

SmallsLIVE – While this is one cool show happening at Smalls this week, there are literally five other sets at Smalls and Mezzrow streaming that very same night. Signing up for the free SmallsLIVE membership takes one minute, and hours of nightly live music are instantly available. Check out the Smalls and Mezzrow show calendars here and here, and bookmark this Sunday’s Ai Murakami Trio set on LiveList here!

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