LiveList Best of Live Streaming 2017

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In 2017, LiveList curated more than 680,000 minutes of live concert streams from all over the world, adding to the already massive database of over 22,000 artists.  The power of live streaming has created a way for fans to connect with their favorite musicians by providing them more access than ever before. That’s why LiveList has hand-selected the best of live streaming concerts for the year in the following categories: Artist of the Year, Festival of the Year, Live Stream For Good, and Live Streaming Content Source of the Year. 

From live chats on the tour bus and live soundcheck snippets, to intimate in-studio performances and full blown multi-day music festivals, there is perhaps no better time to be a fan of live music, and there’s certainly no shortage of it at your fingertips. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look, and that’s where LiveList comes in.

Thanks to major social and video platforms like Facebook, YouTube,, Twitch and Twitter, it’s safe to say that the live streaming medium has gone mainstream.  Technology has become better, cheaper, and easier to use. Consumers are more comfortable using, watching and engaging. Brands are then more easily attracted and more inclined to have larger budgets set aside to reach that specific audience and connect their brand to music.

LiveList presents the 2017 ‘Best Of’ Live Concert Stream nominees, with the winners announced the week of January 22.

2017 Live Stream Artist of the Year Nominees:

artist (1).png

2017 Live Stream Festival of the Year Nominees:


2017 Live Concert Stream For Good Nominees:


2017 Live Stream Content Source of the Year Nominees:


Watch and discover more live streaming concerts and festivals with LiveList today.  To take live music with you everywhere you go, Download LiveList for iOS or LiveList for Android, and have access to thousands of live streaming concerts in your pocket – anytime, anywhere!

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