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Tuesday, January 23rd at 3:00PM Pacific on KEXP

After 13 years away from the studio, New York supergroup Luna recently emerged from hibernation with two new records: the first a ten-song cover album, and the second a six-song instrumental EP. Though far from a traditional reunion, Luna has the pedigree to pull such a move. It’s lineup consists of former members of Galaxie 500, The Feelies, and The Chills (and you can tell from their sound), and together they released 7 studio albums between 1991 and 2005. Here’s what you need to know about Luna in 2018:

A Sentimental Education Cover albums are too often a cop out for a band struggling to find its own identity, or an easy-but-aimless alternative to writer’s block. Neither is the case with A Sentimental Education, which easily ranks among the most interesting cover albums of the past several years. The song selection spans genres and time periods, but they’re all bound together by Luna’s trademark atmospheric 90s dream pop vibe. Indeed, they are no strangers to unique renditions of classic songs (see, for example, their 1999 version of “Sweet Child o’ Mine”). This time around, tracks ranging from Bob Dylan’s “Most of the Time” to Fleetwood Mac’s “One Together” (below) to Mercury Rev’s “Car Wash Hair” all flow together as one.

A Sentimental Education tracklist:
1. Fire in Cairo (The Cure)
2. Gin (Willie Loco Alexander)
3. Friends (Velvet Underground)
4. One Together (Fleetwood Mac)
5. Most Of The Time (Dylan)
6. Sweetness (YES)
7. Letter to Hermione (Bowie)
8. (Walking Thru’ The) Sleepy City (The Rolling Stones)
9. Let Me Dream If I Want To (Mink DeVille)
10. Car Wash Hair (Mercury Rev)

A Place Of Greater Safety Luna released the instrumental EP in conjunction with the cover album on the same date in September on Double Feature Records. It’s essentially a classic dose of Luna originals, just without the vocals. The six tracks are at times melancholy, at times ethereal, at times upbeat, but always soothing. Check out the closing track, “Spanish Odyssey,” below.

New York to LA Though the band has its roots in the late 80s/early 90s New York alternative scene, they’re presently splitting time between New York and LA and playing sporadic shows around the U.S. and Europe. With the two records now under the belt, keep your eye out for more dates in 2018. Next week, they’ll stop by KEXP to play some new songs on a live audio-streamed set.

Current Luna tour dates:

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To learn more about Luna, go to To bookmark their KEXP set on LiveList, click here.

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