LiveList Discovery: Peach Pit

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Peach Pit
Friday, February 9 at 12:30PM Pacific on ShowStreamUK

In a truly international event this week, ShowStreamUK brings you Vancouver, BC indie-pop band Peach Pit live from Manchester, England. In the midst of a big European tour, the four-piece offer an energetic live show, a collection of infectious pop tunes, and a genuine, fun-loving attitude. With a new record hot off the press and a lot of momentum heading into 2018, here’s what you need to know about Peach Pit:

Sweet FA – Peach Pit got their start in the Vancouver indie scene with an EP titled Sweet FA. Citing influences ranging from Lou Reed to Radiohead, the four songs sound distinctly poppier than either, but manage to maintain an appropriatley alternative feel – in the popular description of the band, “chewed bubblegum pop.” In any case, the EP and the accompanying Vancouver shows put the band on the map, and the quirky tropes that run through the record – summer romance, eating snacks, high school nostalgia – had a local fanbase hooked. Check out “Seventeen” for an introduction:

Fashion over Function – Aesthetics don’t get lost on Peach Pit, and neither does the largely lost art of the music video. Perhaps it helps to have Vancouver’s burgeoning film scene at their disposal, but the group has a disproportionately high number of music videos to accompany their twelve-or-so original recorded songs. In a sense, there’s no better way to get to know a band. In the case of Peach Pit, each video captures the perfect balance they strike between wit and earnesty, like “Sweet FA” below.

Being So Normal – The band’s modestly-titled debut LP came out in September on Kingfisher Bluez, and it picks up right where Sweet FA left off. Their tour cycle has been picking up lately as well, with a U.S. and Canadian tour in late 2017 and an appearance at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival. They’re starting 2018 off with a big European run (their first one) and word has it they’re already piecing together a new record. Keep your eye on Peach Pit in 2018 – big things are coming their way.

Ahead of their Manchester stream this Friday, here’s the band playing live (with some entertaining interview bits) from a recent session at Audiotree live:

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