LiveList Discovery: Pledge House Showcase


Noisetrade x PledgeMusic: Pledge House Showcase
Tuesday, March 13 – Friday, March 16 from 9:30AM – 4:00PM PDT daily

If there’s a festival that people love to hate, it’s South By Southwest. Dozens of venues, hundreds of events, and a monstrous spreadsheet of a schedule? You bet. Thousands of eager attendees fighting for entry into the same cramped, sweaty clubs? No doubt. Hundreds of dollars spent on separate tickets or pricey all-access badges? Most likely. Given these many inconveniences, is there really a better festival to live stream? After all, there are so many great reasons why people also love SXSW: film premiers, trade shows, stand-up comedy, keynote speakers, interviews, and best of all, over 2,000 musical performances. If you’d like to enjoy all this from the comfort of your own home, you’re in luck, as many of the fest’s events this year can be live-streamed.

Another thing that is not lacking this time of year is SXSW “bands-to-watch” guides. With such a large dose of up-and-coming talent – indeed, many bands go to SXSW hoping it will be their big break – the fest is unrivaled in the sheer quantity of new bands on offer. With this in mind, we’ve decided to keep things simple, and highlight one unofficial event – that is, off the formal SXSW schedule – happening in Austin this week that brings you an exciting batch of new bands to discover. Here’s what you need to know:

Pledge Music and Noisetrade are teaming up with 89.3 The Current to bring you four days of live music from The Blackheart in downtown Austin. Each day, about ten bands will play across two stages, and many of the sets will be live-streamed. You can check out the full schedule online, but in the meantime, here are a few that we’re especially excited about:

Nilufer Yanya
Tuesday 3/13 at 12:30PM PDT

One of several UK acts represented on the Pledge House bill, Nilufer Yanya brings heartfelt indie-rock and some growing international hype to Austin. Yayna’s combination of simple guitar parts and a soulful, charismatic voice has earned the attention of the BBC, Pitchfork, and The Guardian, to name a few, and she’s recently played alongside notable acts like The xx and Broken Social Scene. She’s currently riding the success of last year’s Plant Feed and taking pre-orders for a new EP, featuring the track below.


Friday 3/16 at 12:30PM PDT

Dessa is an artist of many mediums. When’s she’s not busy rapping for the Minneapolis-based hip-hop collective Doomtree, you might find her penning articles for The New York Times, laying down parts for the Hamilton musical soundtrack, or doing interviews for Forbes as the Doomtree label’s President. In Austin this week, she’ll perform as a solo artist and play songs from her newly-released record Chime, which came out on Doomtree last month. Get a taste below, and check out her set on Friday.

Frank Turner
Friday 3/16 at 1:30PM PDT

Frank Turner may not be a household name in North America, but in England, he’s awfully close. The folk rock singer-songwriter writes high-energy anthems with sing-along choruses catchy enough to sell out London’s massive Wembley Stadium, where he filled 12,000 seats in 2012. Since then, he’s continued to swoon the masses with a number of studio albums, a tour memoir, and live appearances ranging from main stages at big festivals to club tours with his notably more aggressive side project Möngöl Hörde. Despite all this, he’s never gained the traction in the states that he has across the pond. Perhaps his whopping seventh studio record, Be More Kind, will do the trick when it’s released this May.

To bookmark these sets on LiveList and browse many more from SXSW, check out the SXSW channel now. To learn more about the Pledge House showcase, click here.

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