Lettuce : Why Delivering The Funk Digitally & Physically Is Recipe For Success


A couple weeks ago, the six-piece funk outfit Lettuce were in multiple places at once, performing for completely different audiences, at the exact same time.  Seems impossible, right? Not now. Not in 2018. Certainly not in the future when you begin to factor in the power of live streaming, general advancements in technology, and an urge by fans to consume more and more of the ‘content’ put out by their favorite band(s).

On Fat Tuesday, the sextet held a Mardi Gras Party in Las Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl.  On the same night, I sat on the couch in my living room in Redondo Beach and watched as the band performed live from Sin City.  Not just on my smartphone or ipad or laptop. Better.  HDMI straight to the TV.  Lettuce live on the big screen with the seals barking in the background outside the screen door. That live stream currently has well over 4k views, while Brooklyn Bowl LV itself holds a capacity of around 3k. It was a free webcast provided by Relix Magazine on their official YouTube channel (replay below).

The webcast experience definitely had its perks and downsides. On the one hand, aside from being free, I didn’t have to go anywhere. No paying to park. No dealing with Las Vegas on a Tuesday night when I had to work the next day. There were no lines for the bathroom, and I literally had the best seat in my own house. On the other hand, the experience lacked a few key components to being at the actual show. I had to watch by myself rather than with a room full of fans. I sat for most of the show rather than dance and move about. There was no bowling beforehand, no twinkle of the Las Vegas lights and nightlife, I couldn’t smell all the smells, and I couldn’t feel the music hit me quite like I would if I was standing there.

The webcast got me over the hump. It gave me the option to try it before buying it. It allowed me to see a band, live, with no strings attached. I was on the fence about catching the show two nights later in L.A. at The Wiltern, but this webcast completely sold me. Halfway through it, I purchased a ticket. Then before I left the show that night, I bought the Mt. Crushmore album to add to my vinyl collection.  (Full Disclosure: the band kindly comped a ticket for me after I bought via Groupon – thanks Lettuce fam!).  So if we circle back to the start, the webcast essentially made me want to buy a ticket to the show when the band came to the city I live. This then led me to enjoying them enough to buy merchandise before I left that night.  Not one of the live Lettuce shows are ever the same, which keeps you wanting more and more. It’s really the perfect recipe, and I’m a happier, more invested fan of the band because of this all.

Here we are just a little over a month later, and Relix is giving you another chance to webcast Lettuce. This time, it will be from a completely different coast, venue, and will include opening support by funk, afrobeat and jazz influenced group The Motet.

Watch the upcoming FREE webcast of Lettuce and The Motet, live from The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on Friday, March 23 at 6PM PT / 9PM ET.

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