LiveList Discovery: CCFX

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Tuesday, April 3rd at 9:30AM PDT on KEXP

Seattle’s KEXP is a true supporter of the Evergreen State’s own. For listeners not familiar with Western Washington’s deep and diverse independent music scene, the radio station is an invaluable resource for discovering local music. Check out their channel on LiveList to keep up with the best sounds coming out of the Pacific Northwest. On April 3, KEXP hosts CCFX, a new “supergroup” featuring some of Olympia, WA’s many prolific musicians. Here’s what you need to know:

CC – CCFX is a union of two prior Olympia-based projects. The first is CC Dust, a synth-pop duo featuring Mary Jane Dunphe on vocals. Throughout all of her musical endeavors – like as singer of local punk legends Vexx – Dunphe has always stolen the show, and CCFX is no exception. Her ethereal vocal styling and chilling melodies are the centerpiece of the band’s debut EP. And if her previous projects are any indication, it’s a safe bet that we’ll be saying the same of her captivating performance on stage once CCFX ramps up its live schedule.

FX – The band’s second half comes from TransFX, the dreamy art-pop project of Chris McDonnell. After four full-length records and plenty of EPs, McDonnell transcribed his layered guitar work, drum loops, and bass leads onto CCFX’s self-titled EP. To hear Dunphe’s vocals over the TransFX-style textures makes one wonder what took them so long.

Olympia Days – Olympia, WA – a small University town and Washington’s state capital – is an underground music machine, constantly churning out project after project that pushes musical boundaries near and far. Dunphe and McDonnell – along with Mirče Popovic and David Jaques, who round out CCFX – are just a few of the many talented musicians keeping Olympia on the music map. To dig deeper, check out the resume of Captain Tripps, who recorded “The One To Wait” (below) and the rest of the CCFX EP. He’s been behind the boards for countless Olympia releases worth checking out.

CCFX’s debut EP came out last October on DFA records. Check it out and learn more about the band here, and don’t forget to bookmark their set on LiveList!

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