LiveList Top 5 Live Streams of the Week | April 22-28

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Echo Sessions with Ghost Light

April 22 | 4:00 PM Pacific

iamavl & Echo Mountain Recording Studio

What is a ghost light? A ghost light is an electric light that is left energized on the stage of a theater when the theater is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark. It typically consists of an exposed incandescent bulb, CFL lamp, or LED lamp mounted in a wire cage on a portable light stand. However, the band Ghost Light is a little different. This Ghost Light is a true musical collaboration; five personalities, five perspectives, and five unique approaches towards one common sound. Featuring Holly Bowling, Tom Hamilton, Steve Lyons, Raina Mullen and Scotty Zwang, watch their Echo Session live on from the Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, NC.

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Pink Mexico

April 23 | 2:00 PM Pacific

Audiotree Live

After playing drums for countless other bands, including Shilpa Ray and WALTZ, Robert Preston went for a change and began his solo project, Pink Mexico. After moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, Preston self-released the first Pink Mexico LP, pnik mxeico, in June of 2013, attracting the attention of Austin-based record label Fleeting Youth Records, who then re-released pnik mxeico the following December. Preston relocated to Brooklyn in the fall of 2014 to begin recording his next album while continuing other releases: a split 7″ with Los Angeles-based band, SunLikeDrugs as well as a 12” vinyl pressing of pnik mxeico by Bordeaux, France based label Big Tomato Records. The underground buzz surrounding the first LP led Preston into the Burger Records family. Following countless Brooklyn shows and making the rounds at this year’s SXSW, Pink Mexico has grown as a band comprised of Grady Walker & Ian Everall.


Jimmy Buffett Live from Alabama

April 23 | 5:30 PM Pacific

Margaritaville TV

Once again, master storyteller Jimmy Buffett weaves a mesmerizing tale that combines both humor and emotional reflection. After all, one man’s cathedral is another man’s fishing hole. And in Jimmy Buffett’s world, paradise is just a state of mind, and he’s bringing that paradise to you by way of Margaritaville TV. Don’t miss Jimmy Buffett live from Orange Beach, Alabama courtesy of Margaritaville TV.

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Rising Appalachia

April 25 | 11:30 AM Pacific

Paste Magazine Studios

Rising Appalachia is a genre-bending force of sound that uses vocal harmony, lyrical prowess and diverse artistic collaborations to defy cultural clichés and ignite a musical revolution…Listen for sister harmonies, world folks traditions, banjos, fiddles, stand up bass, acoustic guitar, and a host of pan-global percussion.

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Rob Thomas iHeartRadio Album Release Party

April 26 | 7:00 PM Pacific


Rob Thomas is releasing his fourth solo album, Chip Tooth Smile, his first since 2015’s The Great Unknown, and he’s celebrating with fans during his exclusive and intimate iHeartRadio Album Release Party on the project’s official release day, April 26th. During his iHeartRadio Album Release Party, Thomas will perform many of his new songs live, including fan favorites from previous albums, as well as talk about the making of Chip Tooth Smile.

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